Update: Improving Self Discipline

Update: Improving Self Discipline

What's going on everyone? I promised daily updates but after thinking about it I don't think that will be necessary. The goal after this would probably be 5-7 days, but honestly who knows.

After a while I would like to share some updates in the form of progress pics, but it's probably going to be another couple of weeks or so until that occurs.

My first cheat day since I started nine days ago will be this Sunday, and other than that I have done pretty well fighting the urge to eat junk, but I wanted to type this out to talk about an instance last night where I overcame the urge to eat some pizza at a buddy's house.

So, after a successful outing at the bar with my buddy, he asks me if I wanted some pizza.

For the record, there was no bad intent or anything when he asked me this, just not ideal for me personally since I just drank a decent amount of alcohol and had dinner prior to my outing. He's in a position where he can relax and have a few slices after a nice outing, whereas if I even just look at the pizza, I'm sure the pounds would come back.

It was my lack of self-discipline in the past that would have allowed me to say yes and just pig out on a few slices and if not a food like pizza, it would be a junk snack like Doritos or chocolate.

But to even my own shock, I said no, and grabbed a handful of lightly salted nuts instead. Nothing tastes better than a handful of nuts at 1:15 in the morning.

If you struggle with the self-discipline like I once did, here's my tip:

Imagine yourself and how you'll look and feel at the end of this journey.

Whether it be a chiseled six pack, skinny, jacked, or even just a subtle but fine-looking dad bod, think of that in your head, PICTURE IT.

While you are picturing this finished product, the dream version of yourself, understand that whatever trash but delicious food you're thinking of eating is directly interfering with that goal.

Think of the added self-respect you'll have for yourself for going through with it. As a pretty big guy the thought of one day being skinny again and also having a great first impression at my job does it for me.

Think of the newfound opportunities you'll have when you are satisfied with the results. Whether it's dating opportunities with girls, more energy to be more productive, or the opportunity to be seen in a more positive light, there are endless reasons to pursue this and say Hasta La Vista to the junk food.

Also, this website is a newfound motivation to keep on the right track and continue to lose shape. I don't want to update you guys that I went through two Pringles cans and had a milkshake to top it off.

I think that this aspect of the website (and probably the career one) is the most interesting one because as far as job prep, college, etc. they are based off of experiences I have already had. But in terms of this journey, it is an on-going experience that I am sharing with y'all.

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about alternatives to junk food and unhealthy snacks.

Since I have been on this diet, I have tried this alternative called 'Catalina Crunch' which is branded as cereal but can be eaten dry.

This shit is pretty good and looking through the nutrients and healthy stuff that's in it, it's hard to go back to chips and other unhealthy food when this is a viable option.

Tonight, me and my dad agreed to split on the 'Starter Pack' which consists of a mix of the cereal, cookies, and 'crunch mix' which is the healthy alternative to a party mix.

It's a bit pricey, I believe it's like 6 different bags for $64.00, but it is worth the investment in yourself. A big ass bag of Doritos could probably run you like $4 or $5 but you're investing nothing but crap into your body.

My next update I am going to share a recipe for my protein shake that I drink after every workout, which the original inspiration came from my dad. I hope everyone has a good one.