First Week Reflection on New Diet

First Week Reflection on New Diet

Hey everyone, I wanted to update you all on my first week under my dad's diet.

It's gone really well actually; we've hit the gym a total of five out of six full days since I have been back in Pennsylvania.

Entering PA, I was approximately 295-298. I weighed myself this morning and I was 287.

I am drinking A LOT more water, so it offsets the massive loss in water weight, and focusing on burning fat above everything else.

This diet consists of a lot of fruits and vegetables, including my favorite new protein shake concoction that my dad taught me how to make. It consists of one scoop of protein shake powder, almond milk, frozen mixed fruit, frozen bananas, a pinch of cinnamon, a tablespoon of flaxseeds, and ice.

I'll be honest, there are two primary motives:

1: I am starting my job in August; first impression is always everything. I don't want to walk in there looking like Jabba the Hut, I would much rather go in looking like Larry the Lobster. Gotta live life like Larry!

2: I am going to a few places for travel this summer, I want my Instagram to be popping and have some great photos from said vacations. Also probably put them on some dating apps if they are good enough.

My old philosophy for going to the gym was just CARDIO, and hardly anything else. My new philosophy for the gym is EVERYTHING ELSE before cardio, and the results have been plentiful.

I have been going to the gym regularly since about January, had a brief break between March and early May. I am aiming to go about 4-5 times a week.

I see the most noticeable difference in my arms, my upper chest, and my legs.

All three have gotten more muscular.

Notice how I didn't say my belly, because unfortunately that has only narrowly smaller.

My goal is to be 220 by the end of the summer. I think this is definitely attainable and I am going to work towards it.

I would like to be under 200 at some point by the end of the calendar year of 2022, that is probably my long-term goal.

But at the same time, the number on the scale is secondary to what I look like. If I look and feel great, then the number on the scale is irrelevant. And I don't mean fat acceptance or any of that nonsense.

My closest to a cheat day has been eating a turkey and cheese sandwich after dinner one day. Other than that, I have been doing pretty well.

My dad has these 'Halo Ice Cream Keto Pops' which are really good.

Three nights we had some form of Chicken soup, which I found tastes pretty good with hot sauce mixed in it.

We alternate each day of eating one or two meals.

I think drinking has also prevented me from losing more weight, so I will try and not drink three straight nights every week like I did this past week.

A lot of my snacks have been peanuts, keto-oriented stuff, pepperoni slices.

I don't think I have had one soda since I have been back in PA, which was previously a staple of my diet.

From this point on, I am going to try and offer daily updates on my weight loss/fitness journey. Hopefully along the way I can provide tips and advice to those in similar shoes as I. I started out in 2019 around 320 pounds.

On the left was me, aka the CEO of Diabetes sometime in April 2019. On the right, is a fat guy, but not nearly as fat as the guy on the right, taken this past Thursday. It goes to show that although I have plenty of improvement left to be made, it is always good to look back on times where I was a real slob to remember that isn't who I am currently. Hope you all enjoyed reading this and I will be back tomorrow with another update.