Job Interview Advice

Advice to KILL it on the job interview

Everyone is always at least a little anxious or nervous when it comes to their job interview.

It is completely natural: this can be the job of your dreams, the job you worked so hard in college or trade school, or even the job you need to pay rent or put food on the table.

Here are some ideas I have come up with during my experience with job interviews that helped me stand out from the other candidates.


You want to dress as nicely as possible. Dress shirt is fine, but I would say a suit would be best applicable. For ladies, a nice dress works for sure.

For my recent job interview, another candidate wore a TANK TOP. Mind you, this is a management for college grads only... not to be the head fry cook at a McDonalds or a Wendys.

I could tell immediately that she did not prepare for the role, and I would not expect her to be hired either.

I wore a suit, and I received the email three days later that I earned the job.


Another way of separating yourself from the other candidates is to prove you give more of a crap than them. Knowing a thing or two about the company and its mission statement is a great starting point.

Researching the leadership behind the company is also a good point so you can reference them in the interview.


Like I mentioned earlier, everyone can find themself to be a little nervous or anxious before the big interview. But what separates the best from the rest is to channel those emotions into confidence and positive energy.

You do this by speaking confidently and appearing confidently. Straighten yourself up, speak loudly and enunciate your words.


Don't create a facade of who you are. Don't read from a script or try to have predetermined answers to their questions. Go with the flow.

Don't be afraid to stutter or slip up, if you can come across as authentic, listeners will allow minor mistakes in your speech. Once again, just pretend it didn't happen and go with the flow.


This doesn't mean to bore ass them, but you definitely want to keep in touch after the interview in order to show your willingness and determination.

I would recommend sending an email once every two to three days or at least once a week.

If you follow these five tips, they should help you score the job and impress the bosses. You're welcome.


I remember it like it was yesterday, killing it on the job interview for my career job after college. I am going to walk you through the steps I took in order to prepare myself for the best.

I made sure to research the company, they had set principles of leadership, so I made sure to apply it to my experiences in school and the workforce.

I also had a mock interview with my boss at my internship. She was very helpful and would press me to answer more of the difficult questions I may face during an interview.

Here are some steps I took before the big interview.

First, I woke up early as hell, and made myself a nice cup of coffee to energize myself.

Second, I reviewed my notes for the company that I spent a good portion of time researching, to prepare myself for the questions.

Third, I took a nice warm shower and changed into my suit. It is a nice navy-blue suit with a tie given to me by my uncle.

Fourth, I ensured my computer was working properly and I installed the right software for the interview.

Then it was time to log in.

At first, I just saw other candidates and we talked about who we are and our experiences. I was a lot younger than the other candidates. Some had already finished college, and some even had MBA degrees.

I did not allow this to deter me though, sometimes in life you just gotta fake it till you make it.

I had two interviews with different managers at my company. The first was kind and was easy going, but the second was playing the role of the 'bad cop' and seemed to try and throw me off.

I considered this not to be a personal matter, because in life things don't always come to plan and you need BACKUP options and ideas, so when I was able to come up with different scenarios and situations the interviewee was quite impressed.

Like I said in Step One, I got the job offer three days after the interview. I remember I had class that day and got the email right as I pulled into the parking lot. I facetimed my father immediately. I was ecstatic as I was visiting family that day and could not wait to surprise them with the good news as well.