About Me

About Ken

Hello, I am currently two summer classes away from graduating college. I have big plans for my career and life is pretty great, but it always wasn't that way.

Three years ago, I was stuck at a dead-end job, doing nothing with my life, out of school, and depressed. Life freaking sucked.

Eventually, I stuck to a plan, and worked my confidence back into college.

As I am graduating college, I wanted to share my experiences from a point of knowledge and expertise to help people that are in a situation similar to mine.

I took risks in life many around me never would have thought of. Most of my friends went to school within a 10–15-mile radius, I said screw that and travelled across the country when I transferred.

This risk proved to be a successful risk, and there will always be higher rewards for those willing to take risks in life.

If there was ONE thing I want you, the reader, to get out of this website, is that if I can DO IT, YOU can do it too.